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Media Producer

With over 35 years in the industry, Brad delivers the best video services possible for his clients. His resume includes top-clients such as The Golf Channel, Walt Disney World, Fear Factor, CNN, American Idol, Entertainment Tonight and MTV. 

Brad’s initial expertise as a top-notch cameraman has expanded to include success as a producer, editor, director, technical director and more. He is a one-stop resource for video. Brad brings rare personal strength and character to his work– he is honest, responsible, proactive, self-directed, generous –wrapped in a pleasant personality that is easy to work with but hard to do without when you need a true professional and a quality guy. When he commits to your project, you won’t be gambling on results. Your return is guaranteed – his energy, creativity, initiative, diligence and hard work will deliver more than you expected. 

Brad has complementary strengths. He is both technical and creative, professional but personable, flexible but determined.  He is a team player who others want to be part of their team. These alliances are his secret to decades of ongoing opportunities, referrals, consistent work, outstanding results and solid professional relationships. 


Social Media & Data Management Specialist

Emily was born and raised in Central Florida. In 2012, Emily graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Computer Science. She has a passion for helping people build their brands and take their businesses to the next level, through online marketing, by using various different media outlets and all social media platforms.

Social Media marketing has become a large part of building success in today’s millennium. Emily works collaboratively with her clients to establish a strong presence across all social media platforms and produce result-driven online marketing services that help in attracting potential customers, engaging them, and converting them into website traffic, leads and sales. Her desire to see people and their businesses not only succeed but also grow are what makes her stand out amongst her competition.

Bryan Weiner once said “Social marketing eliminates the middlemen, providing brands the unique opportunity to have a direct relationship with their customers.” Through content creation and strategic targeting, Emily can help you bring your customers an experience that is second to none.


Web Developer & Social Media Content Specialist

Derek was born and raised in the Central Florida area. For the past ten years, Derek has worked for multiple web-based businesses managing their online presence, backend services and website creation. Additionally, He has produced and created content for multiple large companies, including SeaWorld Orlando and Marc Mero’s Champion of Choices. His expertise in website design paired with his knowledge of what different audiences are looking for makes him one of the best at what He does. He has a passion to bring each and every client to the next level and provides them with the tools necessary to do so. Derek brings a new “eye” to creativity and in today’s market – that is priceless.

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